Spurs Did In Their Heels - Clippers Looking At March 1 Deadline?

Posted by: JamFan on 02/14/2013 - 11:23 AM

PIC OF THE DAY - Goes to Tony Parker who demolished Chris Paul and the Clippers last night. Tony went for 31 points leading the Spurs to a 26 point victory.

WHAT A DIFFERENCE A DAY MAKES - The Clippers go out and thump the Lakers before the All Star Break and they looked like the team to beat in the Western Conference. Then Chris Paul wins the All Star MVP, and all the commentators were hinting that not only was CP3 the best point guard in the league but maybe a top candidate for MVP. Then, in the first game after the break, Tony Parker felt like he had something to prove. Tony, who just happens to play for the Spurs who have the best record in the NBA, went out and demolished the Clippers 116 - 90, and demolished Chris Paul along the way. Tony went for 31 while Chris had more fouls than points. Suddenly, the TNT commentators are all saying that maybe Tony Parker is the best point guard in the league and maybe he should be considered for MVP. What a difference a day makes.

CLIPPERS COULD BE LOOKING AT MARCH 1 DEADLINE - One of the reasons the Clippers did not make a trade is because they are now looking to free agency. There is a March 1 deadline for teams who are not in the playoff hunt, and who have players that they could not trade with big contracts, can by them out and release them so they can sign with teams who do have a chance in the playoffs. The Clippers did not want to give up the youth and potential of EBled and DJ to bring in a stud small forward. But if the right player becomes available at the right price, they do have a roster spot available.

LA DOMINATES ALL STAR WEEKEND - CP3, Blake, Kobe, and Dwight all perforned well in the All Star game. CP3 was the MVP but Blake Griffin had 19 points and a couple of earth shattering dunks. Kobe played the role of faciliator and took a back seat to Chris and Paul, but did play some good shut down defense on Lebron during a 4th quarter comeback attempt. He even blocked on of Lebron's jump shots. Howard didn't play that much, probably because of his injury, but did hit a 3 point shot, and a half court hook shot during warm ups. Gee, I thought he had a shoulder injury.

CLIPPERS ON EMOTIONAL ROLLER COASTER - After beating the Lakers by 25 points before the All Star break, the Clippers come back from the break only to lose to the Spurs by 26. OK, the entire roster is back, and we are as deep as hell. But this team still plays at times like a young team with a lot of emotional baggage. Having won 3 in a row, it certainly seems like they have things going in the right direction again. But how they won against the Rockets still bothers me. They went out and scored an unbelievable 48 points in the first quarter. That was followed by only 60 points in the next 3 quarters. In fact, they were outscored after that. They seemed to have gone from an unbelievable high to start the game, only to sink to an unbelievable low to finish the game.

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