Clippers 98, Lakers 109

Posted by: david on 02/25/2003 - 10:02 PM

The Clippers contained Kobe Bryant but they had no answer for Shaq O'Neal tonight, losing 109-98 (box scores). Shaq dominated the middle and was simply overpowering. The Clippers played a terrific second quarter and lead by 1 at the end of the half but the Lakers were able to break out to a 6 point cushion at the end of 3 which they just steadily built on. The Clippers got within 5 a couple times but untimely turnovers, missed layups, tons of missed free throws, and wasted fast break opportunities just killed them. If the Clippers were to win they simply could not make mistakes like that. You could tell that the Clippers really wanted this one- they played very hard but with the way the Lakers have been playing the Clippers also needed to play near- perfect to win and obviously that wasn't the case tonight.

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Re: Clippers 98, Lakers 109
by clipfan619 on 02/26/2003 - 09:46 AM

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Though loss..!! u know to be real a few games before the all star brake i know it was not happening this year, as far as the playoffs and all. i am a die hard fan, and a loss to those ass wipe lakers always hurts bad! I really thought this be the season that the clippers will make the playoffs and go far.. and i also really hoped this be the year we win the LA battle. but the fact is that this group of players just can not cut it! Miller has been a big disappointment this year has been the coaching staff. this team needs to be rebuilt all over, and built next year around 3 guys, Brand, odem, maggette. i hope we also can get a real good coach! u know who i would think would be the best coach for the clippers, Bobby Knight.

PS. Is it just me or dose anyone alse hates the Lakers as much as i do.

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