Gentry Comments Surprise Olowokandi

Posted by: david on 02/28/2003 - 12:41 AM

[excerpt] "I truly do not understand what's going on," Olowokandi said Thursday. "I would like to say it's just a misunderstanding. Maybe the loss to Golden State had a part to play. We've been losing and it's a difficult situation for everybody. Nobody enjoys losing. I made a point of calling Alvin when I didn't hear from him.... I called him at home and he said he didn't realize the surgery was that serious. He thought I would be out for only two or three weeks."

Olowokandi said he did not know when he would be fit to play again, but the original estimate had him sitting out up to eight weeks. He said he's been attending physical therapy sessions in Culver City for up to five hours a day five times a week. He also said he had not attended games or practices because his knee swells when he sits for extended periods.

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Re: Gentry Comments Surprise Olowokandi
by david on 02/28/2003 - 12:42 AM

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Hmmm- not being able to attend games or practices because he can't sit down? So why not stand up in the games/practices?

Re: Gentry Comments Surprise Olowokandi
by david on 02/28/2003 - 01:57 PM

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Yeah I think he's starting to realize that his market value is dropping so he's trying to do some damgage-control comments. Hey if the Clippers can sign him for cheap I wouldn't mind seeing him in a Clipper uniform next season.

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