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Clippers Topbuzz Guess the Score Game for 2014-04-19 (View Game Thread)

Rules, Points & Prizes (click to expand)
Rules of the Game:
  1. Guess the score of both teams.
  2. Cut off time is a little before game time
  3. 1 entry per person. Any cheating/circumventing is prohibited
  4. Comments posted must not violate the site rules & guidelines
  5. This game is just for fun so please do not make demands or complaints regarding posts counts for bonus allocation, etc. Failure to heed this rule will result in ban from the game.
Scoring Points for a Game
  1. You get 1 point for simply participating
  2. You get 4 points if you guess just one of the teams' scores correctly.
  3. [NEW valid as of game #4] If you do not get any score right, you still get 3 points if your score difference in points (spread) is same as the end result, AND you guessed the correct winning team
  4. You get 10 points if you guess both scores correctly.
  5. BONUS valid as of 11/23/13: Get 1 extra point for exceeding 20 posts OR receive a reputation vote in the 7 days prior to the *END* of the game (posting in the game day thread BEFORE the game ends will help. You can refresh the Guess the Score page to see your up-to-the-second post count towards the bonus.)
Prizes (awarded after the season is over)
  1. $20 Amazon GC for 1st place
  2. $10 Amazon GC for 2nd place
  3. $5 Amazon GC for 3rd place
  4. The following will be used as tie breakers to determine the winners (order of tie breaks: # of reps, # posts & older date of registration)

Current Entries for Clippers vs Golden State Warriors

usernameClippersGolden State WarriorsEntry TimeSpreadcomment
DeadPoet1071022014-04-19 14:05:455 
itsLuigi106972014-04-19 12:18:279 
namzug1231062014-04-19 11:06:5317 
Silasie1141082014-04-19 06:54:446 
cleepers111982014-04-19 01:06:0113 
A_DOG_NAMED_BUD1091012014-04-18 16:12:128 
gman1151022014-04-17 19:36:1113 
david1161092014-04-17 14:33:077 
WinningBasket1121022014-04-17 10:16:0610 
marten811171132014-04-17 01:44:274 

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