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From album: Quentin Richardson

From: Liz (Sat Jan 31 21:02:21 2004)
go head Quentin work it!!!!!!!!!
From: NeQuan (Sat Jan 31 22:29:02 2004)
What is Zydrunas Ilgauas thinkin'
he can't jump as high as Quentin.
And he best to know that Q is alreday gonna make it no matter what.
From: NeQuan (Sat Jan 31 22:30:36 2004)
Ilgaukas* who cares
From album: Predrag Drobnjak

From: (Fri Jan 30 23:37:50 2004)
You are a terrific player! I love to watch you play, and so do my mom and grandma. (You don't want to see them cheer for you and Marko. They are so loud.)
From album: Quentin Richardson

From: boujoulou (Sun Jan 18 21:37:06 2004)
hey jerome moiso...thats for the poster..q wat a dunk
From album: Tremaine Fowlkes

From: 2pacsPrincess (Mon Dec 22 00:51:39 2003)
he should get more playing time
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